Our firm is one of the original dealers to exhibit at Maastricht, a fair that we have been doing for over thirty years. Our stand is in one of the most important locations within the Old Master Paintings section, and it happens to be right across from where the De Oestercompagnie is positioned. As such, we are in a unique position to be able to see them and see how their business operates. I can say with complete confidence that Matijn Wijn and his team add an immeasurable amount to the TEFAF fair, both in terms of quality, professionalism and friendliness. Not only do they themselves express interest in the art around them, they make the buying clients who come to the fair very relaxed and comfortable and create a small oasis of calm in the frenzy of the fair. People who go to De Oestercompagnie also vist our stand either before or after they have dined there or used their station as a useful and easy to meeting point for friends. In that way, they form a kind of “hub” around which people can easily navigate in what is otherwise a rather difficult and confusing environment. Perhaps most importantly, the quality of their product is of the highest standard, and they can talk about the oysters in a way that is both interesting and very informative (including the history of eating oysters), and their staff are always polite, professional and friendly. All in all, they are a important and highly productive addition to the Maastricht art fair.

Anthony Crichton-Stuart


Noortman Master Paintings

My Tefaf treat at lunchtime is 6 oysters with a glass of wine from the Oyster Bar run by De Oestercompagnie. That is the perfect complement to a day at the Fair .

James Roundell Vice President at TEFAF Maastricht


Nothing beats fine art and fine food under one roof.

Wim Pijbes General Director Rijksmuseum